Sunday, March 13, 2016

Total And Complete, Notes Of Lovers, Hats To Halos, Racing Rats

Holiday notes, eagles to fly, birds in the air, bees and bugs, eggs to hatch, eggs in fires. Happy dazes, time to cerebrate, let lights shines, to come together, happy notes, tales of funny frogs. Dazes and stone, coins to flip, games to play, jacks and giants, tips for all. Madonna song, holidays every day, birthdays also, pages of lover, pages of hate, sheep and goats, tales to be told. Light and darkness, sinners and saints, holiday hits.

Rats Races, Rat Tales, Disney Rats Racing

Third party views...Pimps, hackers, many faces to turn, happy notes: Rachel and Steven Jarrot : JEALOUS LOW LIFE NIGGERS. LET EVERY LOW LIFE FUCK THEM LIKE THE SLUTS THAT THEY ARE :LOL: lyon to kids, Rachel, Rocky, Charlie, and Charles R. Jarrot, fun and games to be a crook and a robber, to prey on veterans with cash to spare, lost in the house of truthful and honest, flip the coins for the hemal of the group of frogs, groups of fags, frogs and freaks to party and play in Upland, for the rest of the year, good times in the hills and valleys, bumps in the road, forks to choose, changes to mask needed now. Pictures tell the stories better.

Dancing Dawgs-Jokes online, jokes on Facebook, cum suckers to date. Butches to bitches, good times in the sun, snakes and snails. Monkey one, monkey see, monkey two to yell and scream. Dream dykes, butches in porn movies, dogs in heat, party and play at the beach. Wigs to hats, hair to spare $6000 a pop. Ghosts and spooks, dawn of the dead, jokes about history online. Red girls, red hoods, girls in the woods, in the dark, snakes on dens in the shadows. Tails to spin, tails to sit and spin, on faces of land whales. Porn movie stars, simple, shallow and dimwits. Jokes online, jokes on cows to buffalo, horse and pony shows. Rats running rats, movie directors, still rats at the end of day.
Hats of hearts, waves of fish, plenty of fish in the seas, gifts of love. Pages of charms, hopes to fly, birds and pigs, happy tales, love in the air. Johns to rites, batters to fight, Air Force and Marines, hand in hand, riding the waves. Rites for the veterans, writers for the cash on the table, gifts of words on paper. Tales to be written, pages to turn, houses and castles, tales to start, blue oceans, with Shawn Waters. Miracles and fish in the seas, love and honor, love and knights, blue and black, men on the water. Gifts of love, hates and horns, waters and seas, joys and pains, hand to hearts, fish in water. 

"No voice has ever spoken such transcendent truth with such authority and communicated it so effectively. It will be many generations before music again produces an artist so respected and beloved world-wide as Bob Marley." – Steve Van Zandt (E Street Band). Marley notes, Bob Marley Moods, songs to play now and then, angels in the sky, tales of love and tales of worries, tales in the songs that were left, thanks again, for the tips shared, over the years.

Tales to take one way or not, faces to changes, coins to flip, bees in the flowers, honey to eat. Black and yellow, honey bees, honey and flowers, flowers to treats. Sad and yellow, faces in candy, suckered for sugar, tales of sweets,  and sad, faces on a coin, cash or credit, life in one form, hands out to help, hands out to cheer, good times to start. Trips to the oceans blue, blue oceans to sail, seven is the number, ways to fly, ways to paths, mountains and ships.

 Captains of dreams, came for the ride, Peter will hooks, Captions that are rats, circles of dazes in the deep blue seas, games and oceans to ride. Blue oceans, new and unknown, worlds in production, fairies, and pixies to help, houses and homes, that is the target. Homes and house, veterans stories, scary nights, houses with bed bugs, new worlds to start, have the friends, the knights. Happy singers, songs on the winds, birds to fly into the flowers, bugs to make the colors. Fires of hope, stars to shine, gifts shared over time. Johns to date.

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  1. Fairy Tales, Sleeping Dates, Seven Knights, Hidden In The Woods....Life in a coffin, tricked and pimped, back in the day, fairy tales, with a twist. Modern models, girls in the woods, seven knights to watch, seven seas to sail. Tales of lands in other countries, tales of kings. Knights out to mate, kings out for true love, hands to hand, hearts to heats. Bitches and dogs, snakes and frogs, monkeys at the top of the trees. Waus tp go, ways to grow, trips to the heavens and back, birds to fly. Eagles for hawks, prey in the air, birds of prey, birds out of the fires.....LA Angels™ Baseball - Get Your 2016 Single Game Tickets‎

    Adele - Rolling in the Deep
    Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack. Songs to the dead, families expired, over and gone, candles in the wind, songs to lives lost, hands out for the help, hands out for the veterans, lost and alone, on the streets, busy dying, every day, faces of the winners and the losers, lives on the beaches, prey for the pimps on wheels, party and play, freaks on the sands of time.