Sunday, March 13, 2016

City Lights, Blue Tones, Blue Oceans, Blue Dreams

Like the words, liked the picture, rats racing, madness returns, movies to watch, cartoon hits, horse and pony shows. Madonna song, holidays every day, birthdays also, pages of lover, pages of hate, sheep and goats, tales to be told. Light and darkness, sinners and saints, holiday hits.

Notes to tips, tales to spin, dazed and stoned in the city, once long ago. Once upon a time, had a friend or two, like to play with snakes, until one bite her. Or was it him, a snake or a frog, on land or water, faces to see, coins to toads, back to the seven seas. 

Five Cents, Coins In Hand, Coins To Flip

Coins Tossed: The Engles fly, mothers day, the beginning of time in the dark. Teachers and students, coins on hand, cards on the table. Poker games in lights, coins on the table, to win and to lose, time and space, dances in the dark, dreams of tall health trees, blue dreams  blowing in the winds, gifts to share, fees for fun and games. Services to exchange, transitional Transferable skills, writters of luck and dreams. Luck and love, hate and love, goats and sheep, tales on high, angels back to back, hosts in the air. Green luck, blue dreams, bright stars, monkeys to see, dancing in the dogwood trees, good times. Sunny and bright dreams, hands out for helping hands, veterans and their lost dazes on the streets. Hands out to give a hand, hands out to take you to lands of cash bonus, pots of gold, sweet dreams to smoke.

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