Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spiders And Snakes, Stuck In The Webs, Lots Of Luck

Spiders and snakes, webs to spin, tales in the air, good times, dances on the sands of time. Tricks and trades, curve balls, boys and games, jacks and marbles, games of baby boomers. Back in the day, stuck on stupid, stuck in a spiders web, blind and almost dead. Food for others. Girls and boys, kids forever, stuck in the reams of light, gifts to share on earth, every day. Lessons and classes of spiders and snakes, frogs and fakes, fingers to point, to blame the others. Faces in the mirror, seminals part of the time, twelve per hour, by the minute for some.

Enchantment~I Can't Forget You....Aunt Dot Bailey, Happy Birthday again, daily event, I wanted to share, doing well. Getting better, have room for a driver or two, have the rented house, getting ready to buy, in Riverside County. Liked the pictures, that Tina shared of you, you are looking good, kid. My last other mother alive, have to find a few more, the others have expired. Angels in the air now. My mother number one: Aleane Brenagh Bailey, May 12, 1934- October 16, 1971. Have her here with me, and the others Betty Jean, Mary Jane, and Sally Young, the dead ones, angels again. Hands out to you, love and hate, goats and sheep, games of lovers, games of sinners and saints, ways to grow. 

Enchantment - You and Me....Hopes and dreams, back in the day, love for a day, then it died. Birds in the fire, eggs in the flames, birds to be born, every year, over again. Dates with birds of prey, March 18, the rebirth. Dazes of wars, dazes of battles, memories long ago. Trips to the heavens, trips with the eagles, birds of prey in the sky, eyes like harks, gifts in hands.

Notes of lovers, tales of lady killers, cheaters and liars, land whales, donkeys in the hills and valley. Goodness and mercy to follow, all the dazes of my life, dead and gone, alive again, always. Both sides of the coins, good and evil, happy and sad, round and square, places to be, hearts on fire. 

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  1. Horses To Water, Walks In The Woods, Fairy Tales In The Winds....Heart With Heat, Birds And Bees, Adventures To Unfold.....Fairy tales, girls with red hoods, lost in the woods, tales of rides with snails, gifts of tales to teach. Stories with hard knocks, ships to sail, dreams in motions, dances on the sands of time. Lights on, stars out to shine, dreams in drama, dreams to float, tales to spin. Red and bright, stars to shine, girls in red and black dress, dances for the rites, dances in the rain, dances with frogs and snakes. Games to play, fingers to the hands, talks to the moving palms, balls in the air, jacks and balls in a bag, jokes to play. Fools and monkeys, dates on the beaches...