Sunday, March 13, 2016

Minds To Bend, Attitudes With Classes, Ladies And Bitches

True love, time to recap, hats to wear, coins to flip, cards to flip, long time ago. Fairy tales, life in a RV, sinners and saints, ways to go, pages to turn. Books on lovers, reviews of snakes in the grass, frogs and donkey faces under the skin. More ways to go, more animals to review, lovers and hates, tales of a lady. Bitches in heat, five star bitches, cows and dogs, tales to spin. Classes of lovers, classes of snakes, classes of rats to races, frogs and spiders, birds and bees, in the dogwood trees. Monkeys to swingers, party and play, life on the bottom, classes of monkeys, movies have been made.

Back in the day, long ago, found a snake, and kept him. Life in hell, lots of lies, good times, out of water, to wipe your ass. RV campers, party and play, party and pay, tricks and trades, dicks in line. March madness returns, wars and battles to win, tales to spin, tales of a donkey. Tips on the snakes in the grass, packs of monkeys, packs of Jewish Wide Whales, jokes and laughs. Meth Drug dealer: Steven Jarrot: 7605643510:Nice guy iso male to pnp with - m4m (Ventura beach)7608512267 to set a date to sit on his face, pictures and stats for response today. White/Cuban Male iso Friendship, Companionship and Love. - m4m - 52 (Ventura/Upland/P.S.) age : 55 eye color : green hair : brown height : 5'11" (180cm) status : seven snakes, devil with horns, gifts to share? 714 471 7900. pictures and stats with your location to party and play with nice whales on land. Beaches to view in the RV parked at the beach for the tasteful pleasures of oral expert here.

Like the words, liked the picture, rats racing, madness returns, movies to watch, cartoon hits, horse and pony shows. Madonna song, holidays every day, birthdays also, pages of lover, pages of hate, sheep and goats, tales to be told. Light and darkness, sinners and saints, holiday hits.
Gifts from the center of the earth, hell hounds to date for the drugs, turns to sit on the faces of fools for the tasteful delights of a wolf in the hen house. Your house, for the frog with the bitches in heat, for a day of sex and drugs, and faces to lick, faces to sit for the oral talents to shine. Great life for a whale on land, dream life for a freak out at night, frogs with heads in sand, twisted views of truth and honesty, and good looks to spare, life of dreams on the beach with a gay frog, in a dated RV, nice guy for the day at the beach. Gifts to share, oral expert for the tricks, dicks and Johns on the beach, daily games of the whales on land. Time for a vacation on the beach, date a frog with drugs, and RV to park at the beach for the end of dazes on the right side of the grave.
Safe for now, out of the dens of snakes, serpents, reptiles that are not attorneys, and spineless, are some of the things in common with Steven Jay or Gay Steven, or Eve with Adam, not Steven and Adam on the down low always, lifestyle to dream about camping in a RV in Ventura, CA most of 2014. Not my story, another that has been dated, for the twists and turns, that the piss offs believe are the deeds and actions done out of love for a woman, from the best gay lover to have in life, and the wits and charms from schools of pussy to suck now and maybe later, not the peace and love of the masses, or the classes at UCCLA for the prizes for love and devotion.Still more questions on truthful and honesty, and why it is not the same for these, super-sized lot of donkeys, mules, and sinners and saints, to flip the cards to change the pictures of monetary values for the rewards for the just and the mighty.

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  1. Vine...Next Rachel Jarrot, cow to buffalo, butch 2?.Rachel Jarrot, slut for tricks, trips to hell and back, battles and wars, trips to jail and back. Good times for sluts for free rides, cheap tricks to dates on the side of the roads. .It's a sad day for dude at the jail because if it is true that he screwed two inmates there, Rachel Jarrot and Mandy Strong, then he was used and manipulated. They are both whores who think it is cool to be with another woman's man. One they said is a thief and the other is there for cooking and using and selling meth, while her child was in the same trailer. I think her name now is Franks but she been married several times so she probably isn't sure of her last name, it has changed so often. They both just probably yelled rape to try and get lighter sentences for themselves. From what all I have heard about the mandy girl is that she has been a drug using tramp for several years now. I have actually heard men talking about 3 or 4 of them lining up to do her one after the other.People like that don't deserve children. Some of us are good peoople and would cherish a child, not bring her up living the life of a drugged out whore....First Class Dogs, Dawgs, and Dicks: Rach Jarrot, Dick 2, Rach Jay ...Life Is A Beach Blog |