Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jewish Notes, Jewish Flags 2 Waves, Sands Taken

Enchantment~I Can't Forget You.....Hoping Hills: Wonderful day on earth, thankful still for gifts of present, another day on the right side of the grave. Why wait for the rain to stop?Learn how to dance in the rain, it raining, and it pouring . Blue note, blue lights, specials of the young.
Hands 2 Hearts, Frogs Tales, Open Eyes

Love and hate, time to eat, snakes and rats, friends for a minute, in the mouth, to suck out the life, so small, good and bad, skins to be. Skins of a snakes, rats resting, mouse games, tricks and trades, snakes in grass. Songs to sing, glory days done, snake and rats, rates of love and hate, food for dinner. Grins and smiles, jokes and laughs, snakes to date, rats to eat, daily events, in the sands.

Sands of reasons, sands of time, dances on the beaches, games of rats and snakes, games to play. Back in the day, when dirt was blue, not brown, in a world upside down, Rach Jay, was a baby, older than Jesus Christ, pages in a book. Pictures with the rats, pictures with a little hair, back in the day, in the house in La Quinta, when she was in school, daddy was gone, out doing tricks.

Games of chances, poker player for life, rat to races, back in time. Lost in time lost in space, Rachel Jarrot, as a little child, long ago, in the house, had dinner guess, rats to the milk, to share out of her bottle.
Ways to grow, ways to expand, keep moving on....Stay active and just keep moving forward. It is unnecessary to keep checking or interrupting your spontaneity with calculation. Rather than look for consensus or affirmation from others, simply dance the dance. In other words, express yourself, react naturally and let the chips fall where they may. What matters is divine intention. Whether or not human beings approve is less important. If you allow your ego to inflate, however, you cease to be useful to self. Kisses and stiches, ways to get over the cuts of lovers and haters, goats and sheep, hats to wear, ways to grow. Hats and halos, snakes in the water, lights on the sands of time, rocks on the waves, drama on the seven seas. Johns, Shawns and the waters to wash, oceans blue created.

"Earth Angel":Penguins. Produced by Dootsie Williams, it was released as their debut single in October 1954 on Dootone Records. The Penguins had formed the year prior and recorded the song as a demo in a garage in South Los Angeles.The song's origins lie in multiple different sources, among them songs by Jesse Belvin, Patti Page, and the Hollywood Flames. The song's authorship was the subject of a bitter legal dispute with Williams in the years following its release. Love and life, joys and pains, life at the top of the food chains,lions to roar, blue lights in the sky. Pages of dates, ships to sail, lights on the for the knights on quest. Frogs and snakes, dances in the dark, games to play, coins to toss, pages to turn. Trips to hell and back,lovers and haters, stories to share. Purple rain, singer dead today, say songs for the rest of us, Prince died at home.

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