Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hearts Heated, Hope Daily On Fires, Happy Feet, Dances On Time, Spaces 4 Land Whales

Nickel Notes: Bonus for five cents, more than two cents worth, coins in hand, cards on the table, poker players to the right. Happy notes for five sense, gifts of tales online, flipping coins. Clowns have left, jokers and poker players left, crooks and cheaters. Jokes to laughs, truthful and bullshit, to big to define, English please. To fail, in first attempts in learn, life lessons.
The wisdom of the heart...loving yourself. - Deep Souldiver - Google+

Dead Dogs, Bitches Dead, Jokes Then, History Noted. Monday, September 21, 2015: Normal Twists: Weird…


  1. Rach Jay: Thief just like Daddy. Rachel Jarrot, Princess frog,Slut... for Free Rides, Dicks And Chicks To Do. Thief just like Daddy.Princess frog,Slut for Free Rides, Dicks And Chicks To Do.Cash Cow: Rach Jarrot..Fields of strangers to friends, in Colorado, Texas and California, buddy to see. Dead and gone, bones in a box, pushing up daisy, in the gardens of the dead. Notes to share of ghosts, spooks and crazies, pushing up daisies, in the gardens in the dark. Jokes on dead, freaks and frogs, ready to push up daisies. Mother Goose stories, bible stories, the whores on donkeys, with their pimps out at night, the night the bastard is born, to save mankind, jokes. Back on the ranch, back in the fields of daisies, dreams and nightmares, on the shores of time, dances in the dark. Back from the beaches in California, trips to the moon, wishes on stars in the dark. 

  2. BBC - Religions - Judaism: Jewish baby ritesCity Lights, Blue Tones, Blue Oceans, Blue Dreams
    Stupid Fixed, Notes And Tips, Plenty Of Fish
    Spiders And Snakes, Stuck In The Webs, Lots Of Luc...
    Mircle Worker, Aunt Dot, Angel On Earth, Saints Al...
    Minds To Bend, Attitudes With Classes, Ladies And ...

  3. Reach for the milk way.....Lost in music today: What To Cows, Jewish Eyes..
    Angels on earth, cat or mouse, large size for a rat, girl is brave: earth angels on the ground, angels in host to fight. Stars bright tonight, wishes in the sky, darkness needed for stars to shine bright. Whale hello there, rats and cows, snakes to eat, cooks in the house.

    Signs up in the air, seven kings, seven queens, pieces of a dream. Seven signs: cards flashing, cards flipping. Seven high knives in the air, queens on cards in the power of the number, good times. Rewards given for hands out to help the lost and confused.

    Shit Happen, Hard Knocks Schools, Lessons Learned, Hits And Misses.....Twists And Turns, Lots Of Luck, Spiders And Snakes Tales....One more time, to stop and take a moment, lost in times, lost in space, twists and turns, one more day. Lovers and haters, life on the water, circles of life, joys and pains, ups and downs, dream life on the surface.

    Dicks and dogs, sheep and goat, horns of love and hate on a goat, tales to spin, good times to sail on. Lovers and hats, songs and dances, snakes and frogs, dances on the water. Lots of love, lots of luck, circles of lovers, circles of haters, songs on the waters. Daily events, to live and learn, daily events to choose mountains to climb, daily events on the sands of time. Good times to turn around, tips on the joys and pains, dances for the lights to come on.

    Snakes in Grass: Dicks and Dawgs: Fags Out Of Box: Laughs Online....Stoned & Dazed: Snakes, Frogs, Butches, Fag Hags, Snake Eyes...