Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cold winds in the city of sins, games of chance, poker players, movie to see. Cards, chips and coins, five fingers to play, cards on the table, players and bets. March 2011: This was how the story went. Steven Jarrot, 76.....0.....8.....51......2.......267-Chuck Moore: Guy met guy, loved the image, black female veteran, the first one, stories so funny, kept the guy, for awhile. Happy with guy of his dreams. Until the mother met him was not able to talk, scream and yellowed for police. What a show, bitch in heat, scared to death, funny to see, Rachel Jarrot had a big laugh. Still laughing no doubt, not sure. What a happy day it was, trip to meet the mother, Sima Jarrot, the Queen of Cuba? Not the queen of ENGLAND for sure!!!.

Spiders and snakes, webs to spin, tales in the air, good times, dances on the sands of time. Tricks and trades, curve balls, boys and games, jacks and marbles, games of baby boomers. Back in the day, stuck on stupid, stuck in a spiders web, blind and almost dead. Food for others. Girls and boys, kids forever, stuck in the reams of light, gifts to share on earth, every day. Lessons and classes of spiders and snakes, frogs and fakes, fingers to point, to blame the others. Faces in the mirror, seminars part of the time, twelve per hour, by the minute for some.

Enchantment~I Can't Forget You.....Hoping Hills: Wonderful day on earth, thankful still for gifts of present, another day on the right side of the grave. Why wait for the rain to stop?Learn how to dance in the rain, it raining, and it pouring . Blue note, blue lights, specials of the young... more »

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