Wednesday, October 26, 2016

HAHAHA!! 😂 Wednesday Wisdom is dedicated to people who never give up!

Duran Duran to be honored with the prestigious ASCAP Golden Note Award at ASCAP Awards London on November 10...HAHAHA!! 😂 Wednesday Wisdom is dedicated to people who never give up! Thought for the day:No one can choose your mountain, or tell you when to climb.....It's yours alone to challenge at your own pace and in your own sweet time to start.
Gifts of tales of the giant vikings and the battles fought. Fighting for rights, battles for a lady love captured, a pawn in arms for the trade was original idea that changed over time. Wars, raids, attacks on land, by ships made for the arts of giant vikings. Big men with big egos, born to the rites to rule in the lifestyle given.
Hard dazes, temple trades, head knocking, schools of Hard Knocks to attend, lessons to learn with weapons in hand.

Love and hate, the horns of a goat, flip side of the coin, gifts shared. Happy and sad tales, gifts to share, hope floating for rites of passage, seas of tears. Lessons  learned, classes on classic tales shared over time and lifestyle crossed. Life changes, life in the shadows, and light is brought to matters of the heart.

Life in the shadows, gift of tales, of the good times, sad stories and the lessons learned to share. Gifts of seas of tears spent, climbing back up to brighter dazes, out of hell created for love and devotion. Bent and twisted views of land whales, cows on land, whales that live on land or in the 7 seas.

I write stories based on my views of the lasting impressions made of the joys and pains of the bumps in the road, have lots of blogs, and tales told online. Views are like noses, and snakes, rats, and jackasses to run the county. Have blogs created in 2004-Life is a Beach, and good and sweet tips, just to name a few.Jokes now, had a few sit backs, back on my feet again on that page.

Life in the fast lane, riding in a RV camping of course, dream life for a few, life in hell for others, something to share, for how long can this last. RV Camping, on the down low, a white gay guy with a good heart.Tricks, trades, sex online, prey for veterans, prey for chicks and babes, prey for angels on earth. Chicks and babes, girls in red hoods, lost and found, trips to hell and back, stuck in the middle with pigs and hogs. Faces of lovers, faces of haters, faces of fish in the seas, dicks and dogs, rocks and waves. 
Third party views...Pimps, hackers, many faces to turn, happy notes: Rachel and Steven Jarrot : JEALOUS LOW LIFE whales on land, big as hogs, sluts, slugs, and snakes for free rides.  LET EVERY LOW LIFE FUCK THEM LIKE THE SLUTS THAT THEY ARE :LOL: lyon to kids, Rachel, Rocky, Charlie, and Charles R. Jarrot, fun and games to be a crook and a robber, to prey on veterans with cash to spare, lost in the house of truthful and honest, flip the coins for the hemal of the group of frogs, groups of fags, frogs and freaks to party and play in Upland, for the rest of the year, good times in the hills and valleys, bumps in the road, forks to choose, changes to mask needed now. Pictures tell the stories better.

Dancing DawgsJokes online, jokes on Facebook, cum suckers to date. Butches to bitches, good times in the sun, snakes and snails. Monkey one, monkey see, monkey two to yell and scream. Dream dykes,Coins to flip, cards to read, dicks and dogs, bitches in heat, daily events. Live and learn, tricks and trades, barter for the good, cash for the services, mountains to climb. Lots of love, lots of luck, lots off tests over time, lovers and haters, games to play, dicks and dogs, good times in the sack.


7609020855 NATIONAL TEEN SHABBATON · HAHAHA!! 😂January 20, 2011 ·. CANT WAIT! Rachel Jarrot - Buff forever whale on land, butch, buffalo, party and play to 7603601613 to party and play on the beach, RV suckers with oral talents to share, cum for a turn on the faces of freak-Steven Jarrot, 7605643510. HAHAHA!! 😂Happy Friday, good times and views to share. Buff forever whales herd in open ranges, butt up to you, daddy?

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