Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Boss Bitch Clique: Dames, chicks, babes, bitches with 5 stars, dates with fate.


Snakes In The Grass (Waka Flocka Flame) Nice chicks, cows, and cattle 

callers, sluts on poles, Boss Bitch Clique: Dames, chicks, babes,

 bitches with 5 stars, dates with fate.Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, Butch 333

Smith, notes of lovers, dogs and bitches in heat, hats and hair, caps and wigs, horns to 

hide. Good times, pals and butches, chicks and babes, 5 stars or none at

 all, ways to grow. Lessons to learn, chicks and babes, do not pick up 

snakes. What a nightmare for a life, dreams of the flip.

Jewish Hits, Hogs And Dogs, $ Cents....Time for sluts and shots, cheap 

shots to cum.....School of Hard Knocks: Reapers Of Good And Evil.Nuts To Go, Blow Jobs On The Run,Normal Twists: Buffalo Fly: Pigs and hogs, angels in the sky, large land whales, free rides, angels to greet, sunny and bright days in the rain, turns to take, paths to greatness. Trips to heaven, angels to see, Michael Jackson, angel in the sky. Singer of great songs, lived for a day and a half, dead and buired, dead to soon, lights out. Candles in the winds, moms... Frog Rachel Jarrot: Butch Forever, Bald Turkeys. Sex Advice From Actual Porn Stars.

Cattle Calling in Desert. Cows,Cattle, And Cattle-calls, Ready for What?...

Enough for the Charmed....Game Over......Snakes in the Grass. The start 

of the race was delayed for a lot longer than we wanted, and longer than

 we knew it was going to be. We had been told that it was still a matter

 about the money. That has always been the problem, and the time that we 

spent together, would have to be covered as well. It was not. That is what

 happens when you do not make plans to do whatever you need to do. 

My thoughts have been on the kids that have been taken. The piper is 

coming to remove the damage kids that were not able to tell a good story 

because they had not been trained to do that at all. Cum bang tonight. Good times, snake in grass, crook and cheater.

Dates with snakes, frogs, American Toads. 

The Boss Bxtch Clique ...

Cum bang tonight. Good times, snake in grass, crook and cheater ...

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LYRICS: Chorus (Trigga): they say snakes in the grass so I cut that shit all these jealous ... im packin heat so ...

Cum bang tonight. Good times, snake in grass, crook and cheater ...

Vince Staples – Back Sellin' Crack Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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Even mama bringin' drama, I don't trust no (bitches) · See these ... Snakes slide through the grass ... Sunny LA, wHere tHe Heat get sprayed


Turning the pages on a dark period, moving on to a brighter dazes on the beach, it is time. Dance with Sunlight: I was looking at the reflected sunlight on the river from the bridge.Dates with a horse charmer, 420 blowing in the wind, watching the horses cum and go, pieces of a dream, the birds and the bees. Dreams of mine, on the beach, watching the horses down,  for the water after a race or two. Animals and bugs that fly, gifts of wings to get here and there, new starts are the meaning of the butterflies.

Mix - Enchantment - My Rose

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