Thursday, June 9, 2016

HAUNTED PLACES: Día de los Muertos festivities: breads, candies: shape of skulls and skeletons.

Teachers and students, every day, hats to wear, lessons and classes to lead, coins to flip. Games of sunny dazes, happy dazes, glory dazes done, cards on the tables. Red Lights: Red Moons, Red, White, Blue Notes. Walks Of Life:Names, Labels: Wits, Charms, Graces.Homeless Blues: Veterans TalesFairies, and earth angels, classes on love and hate, sheep and goat, tales to share, good times. Monkey games, monkey cars, monkeys in black and white, games to play, with cars. Dates with monkeys, dates and songs of the monkey times, how much of a ape, that monkey was. Words to work, words to write, words to tell the horror stories.

Veterans: Thanks For Service, Hands Out To Statements, Skills To Share...Stories and tips, veterans for prey, in the lands of love and hate, sheep and goats, horns of goats, horns to sound, for the female veterans. Black, Single, Displaced, Confused and Homeless veterans, help and hands out to show the way. Cash on the tables, just need to do the paper wood, stories and tips to write, forms to fill, cash for life on the table for the harm done. Damages, and aches and pains, bumps in the roads, timed served for the red, white, and blue. Sailors, Marines, Army Frogs, Groups of Service People. White Dreams: Into the woods, into the snow, into the shadow in the dark, winter looks on ice. Words and pictures.Cowboy tricks, cowboy signs, feet in the snow, cows to come home. Gifts of the cowboys wanted deal and alive, wanted for the fun in the snow, the horse and pony shows.Red Lights: Red Moons, Red, White, Blue Notes. Walks Of Life:Names, Labels: Wits, Charms, Graces.Homeless Blues: Veterans Tales

Lovers and haters, tells and treats, birds and bees to fly. Dreams in drama, hopes and danes in the way. Paths taken long ago. History data online. Third party views.Steal from veterans and laugh. Last laugh done. Time to change, time to correct, mistakes or acts done for selfishness. Lucky in cards, unlucky in love, flipping cards. Steven Jarrot 7608512267. Online Once: One day, once a long time ago, tips on trips to hell. Tales on the dark sides of the moon, into the woods, frogs and snakes. Games in the dark, in the shadows, freaks and snakes, hanging on dogwood trees.

HAUNTED PLACES: Día de los Muertos festivities often feature breads, candies and other foods in the shape of skulls and skeletons. Some locations simply seem to lend themselves to haunting, perhaps due to the dramatic or grisly events that occurred there in the past. Over the centuries, sightings of spectral armies have been reported on famous battlefields around the world, including important battle sites from the English Civil War in the 17th century, the bloody Civil War battlefield of Gettsyburg and the World War I sites of Gallipoli (near Turkey) and the Somme (northern France).HAUNTED PLACES: Día de los Muertos festivities: breads, candies: shape of skulls and skeletons.

 Frogs Updates:Hell on earth life to live again, seven snakes, Best Buy Computer Crook. LONG BEACH, SECOND TIME. Steven Jarrot 7608512267. Gay man to few, family stories up top, secrets from wives always.Two wives fools, need a third frog to mate for last days. Alone? Delights at night for last night before expiration done, woman close acts. Charles Edward Jarrot 7608512267 dead. Labels to live by dead switcher not shared. 

Notes on water, lost for a period of time, bottle to float dreams, love and luck in a bottle. Third party views, history online, stories to share, good times. On mother's day he started day off nice, wishing a happy day, but by the end of the day, threats by text, love to share, and I have been sending them to my email accounts, so that I can print them out ... What do you think? Will share the longest text received with you, and please do not get taken in by the projections that are common for Steve Jarrot, okay?

Life and love, love and luck, hands in the air, tales to swingers, dicks to bitches, butches and dykes, asses out. Coins to flip, asses to buy, tricks and dogs, bitches in heat, songs to sing, dances for a dollar, dykes and butches, with dicks in a bag, to go. Jumps and Leaps: Rachel, Sheri, Sima, Charles R. Jarrot, 

Did You Know? HAUNTED PLACES: Día de los Muertos festivities: breads, candies: shape of skulls and skeletons. Día de los Muertos festivities often feature breads, candies and other foods in the shape of skulls and skeletons. Candles and incense are burned to help the deceased find the way home. Relatives also tidy the gravesites of their departed family members. This can include snipping weeds, making repairs, and painting. The grave is then decorated with flowers, wreaths, or paper streamers. On November 2, relatives gather at the gravesite to picnic and reminisce. Some gatherings even include tequila and a mariachi band.

Dream life to share of the questions on who is the expert with oral skills, Sheri or Rachel to follow Steven Jarrot? 7605643510 dreams made in heaven? Devils or saints, flip the coins on the butches, bitches and whales in this tribe of freaks that party and play in RV of course. Home on wheels for the frogs with drugs to trade, move everyday stay await from the Bacon Boys, saints and sinners, for the sex, for the drugs and the nice people that are fools or buffalo?Homeless Nightmares: Veterans Paths: dream that you wish will come true.With a friend, you can solve any problem.

Rachel Jarrot, lost hair at 16, and was a sheep for the mean girls, fat girls at school, dressed like she was 34 years old, at sweet sixteen. Life of a cow, cattle to call, butch forever, bitch to date, dances on the sands of time, wigs to ears, caps and horns, sheep and goats. Balls in the Air, Games Played, Bulls And Balls.

Bear back dicks, dogs, bitches in heat, cum suckers to play, glory holes open wide, tricks on the side of the road. RV dreams, RV suckers, RV crooks, cheaters, and liars, party and play, good times. Winter views, noses with brown spots, kissing asses, suckers to date, dream life on the beach, in a tin can.Out of luck, out of cash, out of love, dicks and dogs to trade for sex, shit in a bag, drugs to trade for friends. Steven J. Jarrot, his story, his life, his way to live a dream life. Crook, cheater, liar, Jewish Wales: whales on land, lots of tricks to make a buck. Stupid, dense and dumb, faces in the mirror, faces of suckers for free ride.

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Love Notes: love in the air, love to fly and save the man, love to make the most of a bad thing. Smiles and songs, tales and tips, good times. Life is a beach than you die. Water for cows, water for frogs, water to live, books to write, saints and sinners, glory dazes done. Happy to share the notes, love and hate, horns to sound, horns of a goat, ships and sales, trips to hell and back, happy dazes again. 

Pans in the air, purple skies, hopes in color, fairies and earth angels, dreams dancing in my head, adventures with you. Houses and homes, hands out to help, veterans in transition, lots of cash on the table for good works. Lover snd haters, growers and giants, trees and nuts, bumps in the road. Hello Captain Hook, tricks and trades, houses in the hills, beach houses would be best. Dreams in motion, dreams to share, veterans on the ships of dreams, songs to sing, good times. Have so much to talk about with you. The stars are lining up, tell me your birthday, in the first part of the year, a baby boomer, at 1958 maybe.....Not a rat not a tiger, have to go back and see what animal was on top. 

Family views one or two, state of past glories, libing in the past. Different hats to wear to move on, on the other hand. Labels and names of flowers, nuts in the garden of dogwood trees. One nut to stand out, hats and horns out, happy dazes again. History to make, nites of buts, and excuses, faces in the mirror.

What's up with that Lisa chick? Frozen in time, stuck in place, lovers and hater, tales to say, stories of lovers, hits and misses, pages to turn. Frozen in space, stuck in time, lost in woods, fairy tales, lots of love, lots of luck, lots of tests over time. Love and life, joys and pains, life at the top of the food chains,lions to roar, blue lights in the sky. Pages of dates, ships to sail, lights on the for the knights on quest. Frogs and snakes, dances in the dark, games to play, coins to toss, pages to turn. Trips to hell and back,lovers and haters, stories to share. Purple rain, singer dead today, say songs for the rest of us, Prince died at home, way to go. Angel in air now.

Girls that became mothers, girls that became mothers and teachers, girls that became doctors, girls that were the examples for the other girls behind them. Mothers and grandmothers of the girls to women, practice done over time and forever. Teachers or students the girls match the skills to the acts of kindness needed for the big pictures, on the roads to greatness, gifts to share with the stories told. Gifts to share of the bumps in the road, gifts to share of the tales with the snakes in the grass, tips on the wolves dressed like sheep. Tales and tweets of the fools, frogs, and freaks that party and play life away, for the gods in the center of the earth, hell hounds on the faces of the freaks out to party and play life to death. Dream life for the fool, dream life for the fake friends, dream life for the freaks out at night, that party and play life on the beach, date a whale on the beach for the sex, drugs and the good looks. Dreams of your? Not a dream life for me, would not want to live on the sides of the roads, waiting for tricks, dicks, and freaks out at night, for the good times RV camping. Dream life for the cattle, dream life for the jackasses, dream life for the butches, dream life for the bitches, dream life for the freaks out for the easy life. Views of the ocean in a dated RV without running water to wipe your ass is not the live for the driven. Gifts to share for a life of hardships, frogs to date for the cash, freaks to suck for the 420 trades, dicks to suck for the oral talents to shine.

Happy Hits, winners and lowers life forms, frogs in the water, frogs in the house. Games to play, music to play, bests of loves, sinners and saints, brains in asses, donkeys in the hills. Tales to spin, frogs in the house, snakes in the grass, bears to arms. Wings to fly, butterflies, moths, and bugs, wings to fly away, dances in the winds, dances done to death, dances with frogs. Singing songs, telling tells, birds and bees, happy dazes again, glory days done, trips to hell and back, time on the cross over and done, frogs out of the house..... . Angels, Saints and Sinners, Faced Frogs...Time to take a stand, time to turn around, time to walk away, girlfriends, get on bus to get back on track. RV Cather: Fags, Catchers Sucks: Pitchers Meet: Gang Bang Steven Jarrot, 760 851 2267: retard new hate or love, hats and horns, hate and love, with a snake. Witty Wise and Healthy: Madness to dance, madness to sing, mad enough to write the sad stories, tales online...

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